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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 5, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da...♪ sorry brenda. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, thanks for joining us i am cheryl jennings. >> biologists are trying to determine how and why another whale has washed ashore on a beach the second one in glee weeks. amy hollyfield is at the beach. >> yes, the location is making it difficult for the biologists. watch out the waves are tossing this whale around. it is difficult and dangerous. extremely dangerous. it is dangerous for the biologist to get up close and
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get a sample from the whale. they hope in the morning they can get closer when the tide is out for a better idea of what happened to this young whale. >> female humpback whale that washed ashore this morning left people familying conflicted. appreciation at being this close but, also sadness. >> it breaks my heart. is it because the water was so warm? or what the reason was, but it is sad. >> the whale is actually majestic. so huge. something that you don't see every day. >> representative from the california academy of sciences will do their best to find out why this young female died. >> it is intriguing. a lot of people come out here and find it sad but it is a natural part of their lives and the ocean on a if day is a very perilous place. >> this is the second way to wash on to the shore in three weeks, a couple hundred yards away from each other.
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this whale is a humpback the last one was a sperm whale. officials say they are not too worried. >> we have had strong onshore winds and that is going to lend itself to depositing floating marine mammals on shore. this beach tends to be a collection site. >> residents say the site of the huge creatures definitely brings out the crowds. >> it is amazing but it make my walk...a lot of people on the walk. we are used to being here by ourselves and now it is the place to be. i'm sad. i hope we have no more. >> crowd control is something the city is keeping an eye on on. the parks department put up a barricade in an attempt to keep people back from the whale. it is not really working. you can see people are getting quite close. officials say that is dangerous and also it is a federal offense to take away any part of a
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whale. thank you. san francisco firefighters are trying to figure how an unoccupied mini cooper ended you on the rocks of yerba buena island. we were over the southeast tip of the island this morning and crews did not find anyone in the car. they are not hour how it helped up there. the mini had no license plates. >> several law enforcement armies cross the pay area will be out tonight cracking down on drunk drivers on the cinco de mayo holiday. drivers caught drugging could pay more than $10,000 after fines fees and possible jail time. >> if you have too much to drink please, call the free service and get a designated driver from 6:00 people to 6 a.m. tomorrow 1-800-222-4357. aaa will provide a free ride and you do not have to be a member to get a free tow.
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>> controversial reaction over the san jose police officer using force to subdue a suspect. matt? >> internal affairs at san jose police department will investigate the actions of the officers and determine if they went too far while making this arrest. >> the cell phone video posted is shaky and dark but you can see a man on the ground with two san jose police officers above it and an officer waves, several more officers come into frame and strike the man. >> san jose police identified the manening arrested as 22-year-old juan lopez, two officers approach lopez while walking on the road east of white road at 8:45 on may 2. lopez ran into to middle of the intersection and turned toward them in a combative manner, attacked one officer with a bottle and engaged both officers in a fight. san jose police say lopez continued to resist even after
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he was handcuffed. they put hill on a gurney and four-point restraint and took him to the hospital. the san jose police auditor has heard from citizens who have seen the video. >> i cannot give you the number but we have received complaints from more than one individual about what the complaintants believe is an excessive use of force by the san jose police officer. >> after being released from the hospital lopez was booked in jail on several charges including assault with a deadly weapon resisting arrest, and possession of met meth. on the facebook page where this video was posted many people commented saying the police went too far, we went to the scene of the arrest and showed the video to people would live in the neighborhood. >> this officer is not like they used to. they are different now. they are soldiers. they do not say please, nothing like that. they pull you out of the car and they tweet you like a criminal. >> let them do their job.
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taking care of the citizens the more we get into the case of they are doing this or that we will find very soon we will not have the safety net we have right today for the public. >> the police auditor said the san jose police department has a year to complete their interim investigation and take any disciplinary action if necessary. now that east bay where this was an only emotional scene out of the a pleasanton court today. family and friends who lost a mother and toddler in a suspected drunk driving accident in livermore chased brian jones, the man accused in the deadly accident. livermore police accused him of hitting and killing 46-year-old esperanza morales and 14-month-old daughter juli, on saturday. our reporter joins outside court. sergio? >> brian jones did not say a
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word for the first court appearance but the friends and family of the dead mother and daughter sure did. how does it feel to kill two innocent people? >> after the court hearing supporters of 14-month-old juli and her mother, esperanza morales trailed brian jones, his family and his attorney to a waiting vehicle. the judge delayed this hearing until may 28 without further charges or court action. he posted a $350,000 bond early this weekend he was able to walk out of court this morning. his attorney tried to speak on his client's behalf. >> mr. jones is truly remorseful for what happened and he has been an emotional wreck every second of the day over what happened. >> he was out the judge doesn't do nothing not even a slap on the happened. that is not right. that is what maker me angry. >> brian jones is accused of
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losing control of his corvette and crushing the 14-month-old child and her mother saturday evening if livermore. his car then smashed into the party. at party two children were injured but have since been released from the hospital. this is the go fund me account that has been set up for the victims. this gofundme account has nearly been -- nearly met the goal of $20,000. the next court hearing for jones is set for may 28 and friends and family of the mother and daughter tell me they plan on having a lot of people here for the hearing. thank you sergio. >> a rally is underway in morgan hill to mark five years since the united states flag controversy on cinco de mayo. in is a line of people holding american flags in front of live oak high school. a group called the gilroy morgan
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hill patriots organized the demonstration staged out there every day of this year when the school ordered students to cover up the american flag t showers or go home. they band the shirts five years ago after 30 fights between latino and white students on cinco de mayo. a federal judge later upheld the school's decision and the united states supreme court refused to hear the appeal. >> tone, the warriors hope to go 2-30 battling grizzlies in game two. before the game a special pre-game ceremony is held honoring steph curry who was voted the nba mvp and then the warriors will try to remain focused on beating memphis after winning the opener on sunday. tip-off is at 7:30 at the arena. >> here are some of the pictures you have been sending in showing your warriors pride. use # dubson7. we will feature fan pictures on
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air and at >> coming up at look a dramatic rescue operation at sea. dozens of waiting for people. >> a warning for parents: new video that i don't have some rethinking the lessons of children talking to strangers. >> exploring sunshine from the exploritorium weather window with a warm-up today because of the extra sunshine and cooler weather and a chance of showers on the way in the seven-day (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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>> dramatic new video shows dozens of my grants rescued from a sinking boat in the mediterranean. a cargo ship came to their aid as the strategy was unfolding near sicily. a crew member is begging everyone to keep calm. some climbed up a rope to safety and others held on to life presbyterianers. -- preservers. five bodies were recovered. according to save the children dozens of people died in the rescue between libya and sicily. brazil, check out this close call on a busy street in rio de janeiro a truck driver loses control unleashing a flood of soda bottles and crates across the road spilling on to the sidewalk. a pedestrian in the area was able to get away without any serious injury. >> we have an important warning for parents, a frightening new video experiment is show how easy it is for a stranger to steal and lure a child.
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>> hi. look at the puppy. >> puppy. >> look at the puppy. >> like the puppy. >> just like that, i got some more puppies. want to see the other puppies. >> a stranger holding a cute puppy lures the little girl out of the partner ambassador from mom and dad. another child falls for the same trick. and afternoon. an internet prankster filmed what lie called a social experiment. he first got permission from parents to strike the stranger danger move on their kids and posted the alarming results on youtube. >> how many times a day do you tell your kid not to talk to strangers? >> every day. >> all three times, the child follows the man he or she just met out of the park. a couple hold his hand. >> sometimes kids are too young to comprehend the dangers. >> ask me if you want to see someone. >> what can parents do to curb
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this time of behavior? son of america's most wanted show john wall much says parents need to explain who counts as a trusted adult. >> a police officer, security guard manny parents assume their child knows but until you are put to the test determines if your child knows what to do. >> they encourage others to share this story with the hopes it could save a live. >> very impressive. >> >> ahead with the forecast. >> up on a sunny roof from the broadcast center where flight arrival delays are over sfo that is how quick the such shine came out. it will boost our temperatures up to seven degrees and cooler wet on the way. i will tell if you that will last in our chance of showers in the mother's day weekend. >> thank you. also coming up new piece of
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clothing for women that can have you saying goodbye to stains. >> is this really happening? holy cow, what is going on? >> the uninvited wedding guest that gave a couple a real story to
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>> you never know who will come through the door. >> hello there. a koala made a visit to an australian hospital. this video was posted on the hospital facebook page. walking around the waiting room and the emergency room before going back outside and he was neighborhood after a australian
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cartoon koala who was known to like to explore things. >> maybe he was hungry. >> or had a tummy ache. >> we will head outside right now and check in. just hung up with this picture it was so cute. >> his koala-fications. >> not bad! >> we have time to talk about a lot of stuff going on although it does not look like were we have changes in the form of sunshine and check out the breeze that is coming in on live doppler hd. it is sometime an on shore breeze and because of the weak cold front it is mixing in the dry air and mixed out the marine layer with just a few clouds hanging on along the peninsula coast to the bayside of the peninsula and in the south bay getting ready for cinco de mayo celebrations we are five degrees warmer right now than this time yesterday. even with the clouds chicago
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over sfo flight arrival delays are over and we will talk how much warmer it is now from the same in palo alto to two to nine degrees warmer than 24 hours ago translating into those type of temperatures compared to yesterday too. right new we are still in the mid-to-upper 50s around half moon bay and san francisco and san carlos and oakland and hayward and danville and napa and everyone else in the low-to-mid 60. it is a picture perfect day at the golden gate bridge with a breeze from the west and look at all the sunshine a chance of isolated shower and more thursday than friday and a slight warming and dry air for mother's day weekend. to the south we have upper 60 in milpitas and sunnyvale and low-to-mid 70s elsewhere and mid-to-upper 60s and 62 in millbrae and upper 50s along the coast to low 60 in downtown and south san francisco. that is where we are seeing the bigger jumps in temperatures today through the north bay valley low-to-mid 70s and along the east bay sure mainly 6 6 to 68.
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and fairly and antioch and brentwood are upper 70s to 80. the game is not so cool as last night but close, 57 at 7:00 down to 54 and we hope the giants stay hot winners of now a row. the temperatures are under partly cloudy sky and cooler-than-average like this morning, mid-40s to around 50 degrees. now jumping forward to 10:00 tomorrow morning and watch the storms developing along our eastern borders through thursday morning they will get some sunshine to mix in and you can see more scattered showers developing thursday afternoon and then they diagnosis apayment by friday morning. here is a look at my seven-day forecast, thursday on the coolest day with the chance of a shower and you can see the slow warming trend and we will be near 60 at the coast and low-to-upper 70s with partly cloudy skies for mother's day. >> you are so koala-fied. >> a 24 sunday raising blitz
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sunday way for 850 nonprofits in the area volunteers and nonprofit employees are at several locations in the south bay and the peninsula for this year's silicon valley event with the foundation raising money to benefit charities in santa clara, san mateo counties with dough faces accepted online until 11:59 p.m. >> panera has publicly posted a comprehensive list of all artificial ingredients it is removing from their food. bit end of the year next year no food will have artificial ingredients. >> listen a new york city clothing company hosts to make it big after inventing a white shirt that will not stain. the designer posted video of what it called the unstainable white shirt. the company claims that coffee, wine eggs, all glide right off.
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not in stores yet but you can get one on kick starter site for $25 to $40. the designer hopes to raise $250,000 to put the showers into mass production. doesn't know why it is made for women it is the kids. a couple's perfect wedding ceremony. >> until an unexpected guest crashed the event. stay
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was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. you may be able to get up to 12 months at no cost. >> coming up at 4:00, we are live at the arena with the pans and players and excitement leading to game two against the grizzlies. "7 on your side" will show you the top rewards programs for frequent flying miles at 5 o'clock. >> tonight at 11 o'clock see how the cookie is crumbling for northern california girl scouts. >> a big deal. >> cookie sales are down but a records number of girls are signing up for camp. find how the scouts are living to the motto to "be prepared." that is tonight at 11 o'clock. >> a couple from the midwest will always remember their wedding day. but not for the reason you would think. the couple flew from missouri to have a dream beach wedding in hawaii -- mall malibu.
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look what happened. >> a climber has in trouble and had to be rescued. >> i grabbed her happeneds and said you have to be kidding. it was funny situation. some people might freak out but i have in control over the helicopter up there in the air so it was just funny at that point. >> wedding party got quite a show. later on listen to this. >> the rescue climber apologized and even offered to buy them a wedding gift. >> so good. everyone in the end it turned out well. >> quite a story to tell their kids.
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